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Activer Solutions' outsourcing services let you focus on what makes you unique – we take care of the rest!


Business Agility and Flexibility

Activer Solutions enables our clients to achieve business results by filling operational gaps, skill shortfalls, and capacity constraints with experienced P&C licensed professionals so customers can optimize their high-value staff to move faster and more efficiently.


Better Customer Experiences

Activer’s Customer Care services provide P&C insurers with instant access to call center and operational resources to meet their ever-changing business demands; enabling clients to deliver continuous policyholder support as a key part of their customer experience.


Competitive Advantages

With Activer, our clients are better positioned to gain a competitive advantage. Our solutions enable our clients to enter new lines of business or offer new products and services by providing additional operational capabilities in a low-cost frictionless fashion with a fast ramp-up.


Based on Client Needs

Ability to tailor services based on our clients’ footprint
Able to ramp quickly to accommodate business fluctuations
Adapt to unique business unit needs
Prepared for new business opportunities
Use yours, use ours, or augment existing applications
Personal, Commercial, Specialty, Programs

Use Cases:

InsurTech Backoffice Support

Support for Unique Markets and Government Controlled Business

Management of Core Business and Specialty Programs

Management of Orphaned LOBs

Depopulation Programs &
Book Rolls

Business Volume Fluctuation


Do More With
Fewer Resources

Activer Solutions enables you to do more with fewer resources by delegating many insurance processes to our team of industry-certified professionals. Our business process outsourcing services include Policy Services, Billing Services, Customer Care, and Claims Management.


An Extension of In-House Staff

Activer Solutions provides a wide range of technology and consulting solutions across all Property & Casualty lines of business. Our services include Business Process Studies, Implementation Support Services, and Quality Assurance Testing.


Enable Our Customers

Activer Solutions was providing Policy Services to a Florida-based insurer on its platform. When a major storm hit, the insurer found themselves in need of additional resources to handle its CAT response. Activer added staff and trained them inside of five days. The additional resources were utilized for 60 days until call volumes went back to normal levels.
"Activer Solutions really understands the insurance business and specifically what we are trying to achieve. The quality and efficiencies of their service allows us to be very responsive. The initial selection was based on their competencies, but over time, it has become a trusted partnership. Activer Solutions has a phenomenal amount of insurance talent and a dedication to service."
Senior Director of Consumer & Policy Services
An insurer was in the middle of a system conversion, and a heavy renewal cycle was approaching. The new system didn’t have the payment functionality that was needed, and they were not ready to handle the volume. Activer provided additional resources to handle the higher transaction volumes and worked with the insurer to gather requirements and adjust workflow to correct the system issues.


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