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Activer Solutions ENABLES our clients to achieve business results by filling operational gaps, skill shortfalls, and capacity constraints with experienced P&C professionals. Optimize your high value staff to move faster and more efficiently.



Resource Capacity and Talent.

Enabling our clients to dedicate their best internal talent toward initiatives that add direct value to their overall operational and strategic goals and toward the kinds of work that best utilizes their expertise and knowledge.


Enabling systems modernization through operational support to navigate the complexities and nuances of change management.


Enabling operational efficiencies with a set of best practices for ongoing operations.


Enabling our clients to be more competitive and profitable. We take day-to-day operational activities off the table for the existing staff, allowing them to be allocated more effectively.


We enable our clients to enter a new line of business or offer new services by providing additional operational capability in a low-cost, frictionless fashion with fast ramp up.

Customers We Enable


State Regulated Insurance

Providing FULL SERVICE POLICY ADMINISTRATION LIFECYCLE SUPPORT on their Guidewire Platform since 2016. Supporting Automated Underwriting for new business in addition to Call Center Support and Claims Center Proof of Repairs. Full FNOL support through Hurricane Irma.

"Activer Solutions really understands the insurance business and specifically what we are trying to achieve. The quality and efficiencies of their service allows us to be very responsive. The initial selection was based on their competencies, but over time, it has become a trusted partnership. Activer Solutions has a phenomenal amount of insurance talent and a dedication to service"
Senior Director of Consumer & Policy Services

Weather The Storm
with Activer....

Total savings to Client for ONE CAT event: over $500,000
Activer has provided support for 5 CAT events over the last 5 years. Services included staffing a call center for First Notice of Loss calls (FNOL) with extended call center hours and an altered work schedule to accommodate the client needs. With a senior adjuster on site, the reporting and staffing for the duration was flawless.


Enable Our Customers

Providing FULL SERVICE POLICY ADMINISTRATION LIFECYCLE SUPPORT on the Guidewire Platform including support for Automated Underwriting for new business and Call Center Support. Ramped the Call Center to provide FNOL support through Hurricane Irma.
“We value the unique complement of resources that Activer Solutions provides us every day. Their flexibility and knowledge of our business and their responsiveness to our changing needs is what makes them different. If I could give an award to a vendor for being the most responsive and easiest to work with, it would be Activer"
Chief Claims Officer
Detailed CAT plan when put in action saved our client over $500,000 for one CAT Event. Activer Solutions has provided assistance over 5 events by providing staff to take First Notice of Loss calls (FNOL) with a senior adjuster on site.

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