P&C Insurance Services



  • Insurance Expertise – Licensed insurance professionals
  • Targeted Specialty Solutions – We can manage specific components of an operation or the whole part – we augment staff or become staff
  • Flexibility – We adapt to customer requirements and scale to customer needs
  • Technology Spectrum – We can offer technology, use any customer technology, or supplement customer technology with our own developed solution “wrappers”
  • Partnerships – We partner with technology solution providers to extend value to our customers and our offerings

Policy Administration

Activer offers full lifecycle policy administration on our cloud-based platforms or on our clients’ systems

Receive, review and process new business, endorsements, cancellations, non-renewals, reinstates & rewrites in accordance to client guidelines and state requirements
Inbound policy submissions – Automated, Semi automated, or Manual
Outbound communication to agents and policyholders

Activer can support the full lifecycle policy administration or targeted components of policy administration


Turn-Key Risk Review &
Customized Services

Enables your talent to focus on high value risk review and strategic initiatives. Activer’s experienced P&C underwriters provide turn-key risk review or customized underwriting services:

  • Agent communication regarding policy changes, cancellations and non-renewals.
  • Classification of risks and acceptance or rejection of new business applications based on underwriting guidelines and state laws
  • Examination of inspection reports to determine risk and appropriate rate
  • Applicant phone interviews
  • Client follow-up on completed underwriting process
  • Audit and evaluate agents’ book of business to determine adherence and application of underwriting guidelines
    Feedback to client and agents regarding underwriting compliance


Proving that We can Care
for You and Your Staff

Constant Coverage provides P&C Insurance clients with instant access to Call Center & operational resources to meet their ever changing business demands

Enabling clients to deliver continuous policyholder support:

Catastrophe Event Coverage

Business Operations Continuity & Strategic Outsourcing Overflow Services

24/7 automated access to a team of on shore P&C industry certified professionals

Claims Managemenet

Enabling claims servicing with a full turn-key solution or function-specific support (i.e. FNOL). Our services can be delivered on clients’ existing systems or on our platform.

  • FNOL intake for all types of events
  • Customized service
  • Customer specific CAT plan development
  • Annual CAT drills
  • CAT Team on standby 24/7
  • Specific FNOL options for entry and receipt of claim received
  • Handle follow-up calls and ongoing claims support
  • Comprehensive claims management through partnerships
    • Adjusting and claims settlement
    • Litigation services
    • SIU and fraud investigation / settlement

Policy, Billing, Accounting Services

  • Full payment processing, including receipts of checks, cash, money orders or credit cards via In House Lockbox
  • Issuance of return premium, commission and claim checks
  • ACH processing
  • Premium reconciliation
  • Escheat compliance
  • Agency commission report processing and distribution
  • Month end cash & GL reconciliations
  • Month end reporting

CAT Services

The CAT services team is available 24/7 365 days a year. During Hurricane Sandy, the team handled call volumes exceeding 200,000 for the event

  • The team provides:
    • Comprehensive first notice of loss (FNOL) call handling
    • Basic adjuster assignments, reserving, check processing, issuance services
    • Development of strict carrier-specific standard operating procedures
  • Assist with setting reserves for claims and handling follow-up calls
  • Enable large loss adjusters to focus on the complex by handling of more basic claims

Managed IT Services

  • Full technology support spectrum – use ours, use customers, or supplement existing solution platforms
  • Full managed services for software platforms
  • Implementation support services
  • Legacy system transition support
  • Activer platform suite offerings with technology partners
  • UAT Testing Services
  • Infrastructure and network support of customer platform for internal and external clients
  • Support of proprietary software that integrates with customer platform


Tap Into Our

In addition to offering a complete array of productized services, the team provides insurance consulting on a professional services basis to assist in the requirements gathering for new business development and platform enhancements. Qualified experts can also supply resources for Quality Assurance testing on all aspects of development. This process can be completed with internal or external controls and standards.


The Transfer of Detailed
Policy Data

This service allows for the transfer of detailed policy data on either a conversion or renewal basis to enable:

  • A carrier that wants to reduce a book of business or sell it
  • A carrier that makes an acquisition and wants to consolidate backend systems
  • A broker that wants to move a book of business from one carrier to another
  • Supports either a broker or carrier that wants to convert to a new system

Customers We Enable


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