Matt Piaseczny / 13 Mar 2019

After the Storm

Just because a storm has passed, it doesn’t mean the activity stops. There is always continued activity which varies by the size and impact of the event. In some instances, the CAT handling for open claims can take months or even years to wrap up. With this in mind, there are two things that every plan should include after the storm. 

  1. Conducting a Lessons Learned Session –To improve your plan for the next event, gather your key team members to discuss the experiences throughout the storm. Outline things that occurred that that were not covered in the plan and propose solutions for future events. There should be a review of all items in the plan and how they could be better scripted, better executed, and how your workflows could be enhanced for future events. In addition, there should be an information exchange with all of the vendors and staff that supplemented and supported your team throughout the CAT response. Their perspectives will be an important piece of the lessons learned as the storm response, expectations, and workflow likely looked very different to your CAT staff and Independent Adjuster partners. External views can be very valuable. 
  • Post-Event Follow-up Campaigns –Post-event there should be a multi-purposed and multi-phased initiative that includes but is not limited to correspondences or surveys with all policyholders affected by the event. Gathering information from their experiences and confirming that covered repairs were made is important after the settled damages. Making sure the indemnification was used as intended is crucial for current policyholders. In addition, the feedback from your policyholders is very valuable. That feedback can help you identify ways to improve your plan for the next response, and also help you identify trends where satisfaction may not have been achieved because of a certain workflow or vendor partner. The feedback you receive should be added to your lessons learned. 

Once you have completed the two items above, take the lessons learned and add them to historical data. Every CAT event is its own experience but having the data across events is invaluable as every storm is different. It will be the summary of all past experiences that truly influences your response in the next event. 

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