Customer Success

Activer Solutions Enables Our Clients To Optimize Their Operations, Improve Flexibility, And Realize Efficiencies By Filling Operational Gaps, Skill Shortfalls, And Capacity Constraints With Experienced P&C Professionals.


We Enable:

Resource Capacity: Enabling our clients to dedicate their best internal talent toward initiatives that add direct value to their overall operational and strategic goals and toward the kinds of work that best utilizes their expertise and knowledge.

Systems Modernization: Enabling systems modernization through operational support to navigate the complexities and nuances of change management.

Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency: Enabling operational efficiencies with a set of best practices for ongoing operations.

Competitive Advantage: Enabling our clients to be more competitive and profitable. We take day-to-day operational activities off the table for the existing staff, allowing them to be allocated more effectively.

New Capabilities: Enabling our clients to enter a new line of business or offer new services by providing additional operational capability in a low-cost, frictionless fashion with a fast ramp-up.


Customer Care Services Deliver Big Results

A managing general agent (MGA) offering personal and commercial products in 49 states, needed to create awareness around several new offerings. Activer Solutions worked with the MGA’s team to deliver a phased approach to reach out to the agents. In the two months following the campaign, sales increased to $280K and $450K respectively.

“Activer Solutions really understands the insurance business and specifically what we are trying to achieve. The quality and efficiencies of their service allows us to be very responsive. The initial selection was based on their competencies, but over time, it has become a trusted partnership. Activer Solutions has a phenomenal amount of insurance talent and a dedication to service.”

Senior Director of Consumer & Policy Services



Weathering the Storm

After two consecutive active hurricane seasons in 2010 and 2011, an established Homeowners insurer needed a partner to help them plan for the 2012 season and provide support during any storms. The insurer engaged Activer Solutions for Catastrophe Planning & Management services and realized improvements in customer satisfaction and retention as well as significant cost savings of over $500K for this single CAT event.


How We Enable Our Customers

“Activer Solutions was providing Policy Services to a Florida-based insurer on its platform. When a major storm hit, the insurer found themselves in need of additional resources to handle its CAT response. Activer added staff and trained them inside of five days. The additional resources were utilized for 60 days until call volumes went back to normal levels.”

“We value the unique complement of resources that Activer Solutions provides us every day. Their flexibility and knowledge of our business and their responsiveness to our changing needs is what makes them different. If I could give an award to a vendor for being the most responsive and easiest to work with, it would be Activer.”

Chief Claims Officer

“An insurer was in the middle of a system conversion, and a heavy renewal cycle was approaching. The new system didn’t have the payment functionality that was needed, and they were not ready to handle the volume. Activer provided additional resources to handle the higher transaction volumes and worked with the insurer to gather requirements and adjust workflow to correct the system issues.”

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