13 Mar 2019

After the Storm

Just because a storm has passed, it doesn’t mean the activity stops. There is always continued activity which varies by the size and impact of the event. In some instances, the CAT handling for open claims can take months or even years to wrap up. With this in mind, there are two things that every [...]

27 Feb 2019

Time to Execute

Execution is everything when discussing performance. With that said, execution is only as good as the plan that is in place. Whether this is your first CAT response or tenth, you need to be able to rely on the planning and the process you built to handle all phases of the CAT response from First [...]

17 Feb 2019

Plan to Plan and React

You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the insurance industry to argue that planning isn’t necessary when it comes to CAT response. Having a plan for any operational initiative is important, so why is CAT planning so different? The reason is that when it comes to a catastrophe – there is a much [...]

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